The Historical Dialogues, Justice and Memory Network, hosted by the Columbia University-based Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, presents a new online tool that maps initiatives dealing with historical justice and memory.

“The Historical Dialogue Mapping Project seeks to better understand how the engagement of the memory of conflict can be used as an opportunity to develop mechanisms of acknowledgment and reciprocal recognition. Using a crowdsourcing model, the map seeks to collect and visualize projects that engage in historical dialogue work. The information gathered enables users to more fully understand the impact that the memory of sectarian and national violence has on contemporary politics and to establish the norms of the field of historical dialogue. In so doing, the project aims to more fully understand how this knowledge facilitates work towards conflict transformation, reconciliation, peacebuilding, and democracy promotion, particularly in post-conflict countries.”

The Historical Dialogues Network asks visitors to contribute to the map by submitting projects and initiatives. Please visit their website for more information.