The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the Center for History Teaching & Learning and Recalling the Past of the University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland are pleased to announce their International Research Conference on Education about the Holocaust. This conference, which will be the concluding event of IHRA’s Education Research Project, will be held from 14-17 February 2016 at the University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern), Switzerland.

The Education Research Project aims to provide an overview and a mapping of knowledge coming out of empirical research studies about teaching and learning about the Holocaust. The goal is to establish what can really be stated from empirical research about the current state of Holocaust education, taking us beyond anecdotal experiences and programmatic texts, in order to identify the key challenges and opportunities.

To find out more about the conference, please have a look at the programme. Participation to the conference is free. You can find more information about registration for contributors here. For registration for participants, please visit the registration page.