On Thursday 10 December EuroClio organized a workshop on ‘fundraising’ for the Netherlands Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).  As Head of Network  of the Dutch ALF division, EuroClio has been organizing workshops which are tailored to the input of the members of the ALF Netherlands Network. A recurring subject therein, was ‘fundraising’.

During the workshop, EuroClio Programme Director Steven Stegers gave a presentation including tips and tricks on project acquisition. EuroClio Project Manager Judith Geerling expanded on the funding opportunities within the Erasmus+ Programme. The day had a political dimension too, with a presentation from Mr. Bert Meijerman from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the Ministry is in the process of setting up a new policy programme aimed at democratic transition in the MENA region, Mr. Meijerman gave a topical and relevant update on the political situation in the MENA region, which is the area that ALF is active in.

The overall conclusion was that there was a feeling that the network is becoming more active, something that EuroClio will try to foster further in the future. If you wish to become active within the ALF Network, or if you would like to know more about the Network in general, please have a look at the world-wide website, the Network website or the Network facebook page.