On 8 November 2015 the EuroClio Historiana editors’ team convened in Brussels for the exciting and successful kick-off of the new Historiana project ‘Decisions & Dilemmas: Exploring European Union history through the lens of contemporary issues’. This project is a natural follow-up to the earlier Decisions & Dilemmas project, which highlighted the historical narratives of European integration. The new D&D project in turn aims to generate a better understanding of the European Union and its working by focusing on challenges related to economic imbalances and regional divisions, energy dependency, trade in a global context, foreign relations, as well as borders and border control in a Schengen world. Similarly to the first D&D project, the development team will create a series of learning resources that will feature on the Historiana website, ready for use in history and citizenship classes at secondary school level across Europe.

As the project has only just been launched, we are still looking for team members for the development team. Please have a look at our call. Moreover, if you are interested in joining Historiana in any other way, sign up for the Historiana Facebook group!