CDRSEEEuroClio acquired a new project in the Western Balkan in partnership with the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE) called: “Networked education creating a skills web for participation and sensitivity”. Building on the long history and experience of both organizations in the region we will join forces for this new project that will run for 3 years (from 1 November 2015 until 30 October 2018) and is funded by the Austrian Development Agency. The main aim is joint advocacy and regional cooperation amongst civil society and policy makers on the regional level to enhance critical thinking and active citizenship. Working together with our members in the region and policy stakeholders we commonly focus on 3 interrelated results: new evidence-based curricula reform strategies for history education in particular and social science in general, increased capacity for training and multiplication at the classroom level, and joint advocacy and regional cooperation. More information will follow soon on our website!