Every year around International Human Rights Day on December 10, hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a letter or e-mail on behalf of someone they’ve never met, as part of Write for Rights. These messages help convince government officials to release people imprisoned for expressing their opinion (called ‘prisoners of conscience’ by Amnesty International, stop the use of torture, commute death sentences, and end other human rights abuses. The more people participate in Write for Rights, the more letters and e-mail messages are generated, increasing Amnesty’s influence on government officials.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world helped send over 3 million messages. This year, Amnesty International wants to surpass 4 million actions and make a difference in the lives of all ten cases. So sign up now to participate!

For more information about Amnesty International’s Write for Rights action, and information about how to sign up, please click here: