A new report by Education International on the status of teachers and the teaching profession sheds light on how austerity policies in the education sector undermine free, quality education for all.

The research, commissioned in 2014, was carried out by Vasileios Symeonidis (Education International) and is based on an extensive literature review and survey (with responses from 55 countries). This was the basis for Education International’s report to the Committee of Experts on the Applications of the Recommendation Concerning Teachers (CEART).

The report also shows that educators see their occupational status as far from ideal (e.g. provision of less favourable working conditions and wages, limiting teachers’ fundamental professional freedoms, cutting back of teacher training). Despite the rising awareness that it is necessary to close the teacher quality gap, there has been a decline in teacher status, especially in countries affected by economic crisis and excessive privatisation policies. Lower teacher status was also more often reported in early childhood education, vocational education and training and among education support personnel.

Thanks to the numerous survey responses by Education International affiliates (those who participated are listed in the book) this report provides strong evidence and concrete policy recommendations that can be used as a reference in education unions’ advocacy work targeted at improving the occupational prestige and status of teachers which is of critical importance to educational systems.

The full report in English as well as a summary in Spanish and French is available for download.