The powerful combination of the ’information age’ and the disruption caused by unstable environments provides the impetus to look afresh and identify new models and approaches for education.
How do we as a community of educators respond to these directions? What could it mean for learning and the changing socio-economic demands of society? It is these questions that the 25th Annual Conference of EDEN addresses from 14-17 June 2016 in Budapest, Hungary

Following up on the results of the EDEN Research Workshop (RW8) in Oxford in 2014 and the Barcelona 2015 Annual Conference, this year’s conference focuses on the expansion of emerging learning scenarios as part of the context in the learning process.

This event marks the jubilee conference of EDEN, celebrating its 25th Anniversary Year. EDEN is extremely proud, as a continuously strengthening and developing European association in the field of open, distance and e-learning, learning modernisation and innovation, to have reached their 25th Anniversary in 2016. On this special occasion, EDEN combines past and future in synch with the concept of the anniversary conference, to explore and highlight the major results created by our academic and professional community – achievements worth acknowledging as mainstream and sustainable.

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