From 6-7 October the second meeting of the Europeana Taskforce for Education took place at the National Audiovisual Archive of Poland in Warsaw. This Task force aims to contribute to the development of an environment where the (re-)use of digital heritage for quality education is beneficial for all stakeholders. During the meeting examples of how the (re-)use of digital heritage works in practice were shared in order to: identify common challenges, tools that can be used, and modes of cooperation that can be replicated. Examples that were presented included: VIAA (an initiative to archive and provide access to digital heritage in Flanders), Stokholmskallen (in which archives, museums and libraries from Stockholm work together on municipal level), Éduthèque (in which the French Ministry of Education provides access to selected content from cultural institutes), EUscreen (providing access to audiovisual collection of archives from across Europe), Ontotext (on the potential for use of linked open data for education) and the EFG (on the streamlining of information on the World War 1 collection with content from different providers). The task force agreed on the documentation of all the practices in the form of case studies (focused on the lessons learned) linked to an introductory description of the current state of affairs. It is the ambition to present these findings online and continue to add an update practice together with those members of the Europeana network that have an interest in education. For more information, please contact .