In an effort to reinvigorate the Netherlands Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, EuroClio, functioning as Head of Network, invited its members to a capacity building and network event in Amsterdam, hosted by Humanity in Action. The day consisted of two workshops, by Humanity in Action and TheOneMinutes, focusing on the use of video for improving and strengthening the message of the NGO members of the Network. Furthermore, information was provided on the process of applying for the grants provided by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The first workshop was hosted by Humanity in Action, who explained their mission and core and then launched into an interactive workshop which made it a goal for all participants to ask hard questions about the core of their organization and its mission, and then to bring that down to no more than one minute of video footage.

The second workshop was hosted by The One Minutes who showed several videos made by young people, from across the globe, and focused on their own personal issues and problems. This very personal approach from a child’s perspective provided a great platform for a discussion on the different possible uses of video. Subsequently, several decisions were made on the continuation of the Netherlands Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, namely by announcing new elections on the Head of Network, since EuroClio’s mandate will end by January 1st, 2016.

Concluding, the participants can look back to an interesting and worthwhile event which EuroClio hopes to continue on December, when the second capacity-building and network event will take place in The Hague.