EuroClio was invited by NECE, The German Federal Agency for Civic Education – the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung to take an active role during  NECE Conference 2015: “‘Us’ and ‘Them’: Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World”. Starting point of this year’s conference was the question of how to re-imagine and define the role of citizenship education in increasingly divided and polarized societies. EuroClio was represented at this conference by secretariat Members –Aysel Gojayeva, Steven Stegers and EuroClio Ambassadors from Ukraine – Iryna Kostyuk and Russia – Julia Kushnereva, and EuroClio Board Member – Mire Mladenovski.

The role of EuroClio at this conference was enhanced by leading a workshop on “Challenging historical narratives” and a panel based on methods used by Clear Focus group. The workshop on “Challenging Narratives” aimed to demonstrate the work of EuroClio by reflecting on the development process of the “Crossroads of Cultures” that has been made collaboratively by educators from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and which has just been finalised. The workshop participants were introduced to EuroClio resources, achievements and challenges met in its translational projects and integrated an active workshop built around one of the educational materials developed within “Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues” project.

Meanwhile, Steven Stegers presented the conference public to work done by Clear Focus group and engaged the conference participants into thinking around the notion of citizenship and come up with their views and understanding. This session was received very positively by the participants and stimulated an active discussion around the individual and common understanding of citizenship and its role in the society.

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