From 14-17 July the International Big History Association (IBHA) holds its conference on Big History: ‘Building Big History: Research and Teaching’. The conference seeks to present the latest and the best in Big History research and teaching, while creating a forum for the discussion of questions that are central to Big History. Submissions from world historians welcomed! The conference will begin with a keynote address and an opening reception on the evening of July 14th.  For more information, please visit the website.

Moreover, you are invited to “jump into world history and science” with the IBHA Post-Conference 10 day tour ‘A Taste of Europe’ (18-27 July). This tour ranges from First World War battlefields in Belgium and Paleolithic cave art in France, to world-class wine vineyards in Germany and the center of particle physics research at CERN, and Craig Benjamin, pioneering World and Big Historian, will be tour lecturer.

For more information, on both the IBHA conference and the post-conference tour, please contact Donna Tew, IBHA Office Coordinator at or (616) 331-8035.