From 29 September until 1 October, EuroClio project manager Judith Geerling participated in the conference EDC-HRE against extremism How to share and develop good participating methods against extremism among youth in Oslo, Norway, that was organised by DARE (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe) Network together with the Human Rights Academy. Around 30 participants from organisations across Europe working on democracy and human rights education came together for the annual General Assembly of DARE, in which their action programme for next year was approved and a new board was elected. The Assembly was embedded in a bigger seminar that focused on combatting extremism and radicalisation amongst youth through education. EuroClio facilitated a workshop on avoiding rigid thinking with practical examples from history education.

In her workshop, Judith Geerling presented three learning activities developed in different projects that all try to promote critical thinking amongst the youth and create an open and inclusive space for the students to debate and discuss. This included the learning activity ‘Mechanisms for Inclusion and Exclusion’ developed by Daniel Gaede with Leonie Wieser within the Multi-faceted Memory project, an activity made for the “Handbook on Values for Life in a Democracy” by Bob Stradling and Chris Rowe, ‘Free Speech or Religious Offence: The Case of the Danish Cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed’, and finally ’Sarajevo Assassination’ developed by Melisa Foric for the publication ‘Once upon a time… we lived together’.