The Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory Network is considering new work to feature in the Working Paper (WP) Series for 2014-2015. The series editors are looking for unpublished texts that emerging scholars, practitioners and others are willing to “workshop” within the intellectual community. This is a unique format for online working papers, and an excellent opportunity to receive interdisciplinary feedback on your ideas and writing.

Your WP will be features on the Network website for a period of approximately two months, promoting the series on the Network’s bimonthly newsletter, blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages, encouraging members to read your paper and contribute to an online discussion.

For submissions, there are no restrictions on topic, length, or citation format, though fewer than 30 pages in length are recommended, and the use of a consistent citation method with complete references is required. Deadline is rolling. For questions, and to send in your submission, you can address co-editors Michelle Bellino and Cathlin Goulding at