Europeana wants to make Europe’s cultural and scientific wealth available, accessible and useable for everyone and encourages active engagement of Europe’s cultural heritage resources. In 2014, EuroClio Founder and Special Advisor Joke van der Leeuw-Roord joined the Europeana Governance Structures. One of the results is this implemented strategy for a Network Association.

As Education is increasingly using the digital world as a learning environement, the Europeana digitized Collection is an important trans-border resource for education in general but certainly for history, heritage and citizenship education.

To make Europeana a truly democratic and representative network and to deliver the Europeana Strategy 2015-2020, it is important for education practitioners to join the Europeana Network Association in order to have a voice on Europeana’s policy on education and more.

The advantages to registering for the Network Association are multiple but here are some highlights:

As a member of the Europeana Network Association, you will have a say in how we run Europeana. Read what this entails on our blog. You will be able to:

Please access Europeana Network Association Registration page if you want to become a member.

If you want to participate in the decision making process during the first official Europeana general Assembly in early November (Members Council candidacy, Members Council elections and Business Planning 2016), you should confirm your free membership registration before September 30, 2015.


Welcome in the world of Europeana,

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Board Member Europeana Network Association