The European Peer Training Organisation will be holding a 4-day seminar “Peer education: a springboard to employment”, 23-28 October 2015, in Luxembourg, to support young peer educators in their professional development in the field of peer education and beyond.

The main goals of the peer forum are to link generations of peer trainers and increase awareness on working possibilities in peer education, to provide concrete professional development opportunities for youth, to reflect on how to identify and value competences developed through peer education, to provide tools for advocating peer education, and to launch EPTO’s new certification process.

EPTO are encouraging applicants from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Estonia, Albania, Romania, Hungary, Luxembourg, Turkey, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Iceland. Applicants should be either youth workers who have been certified as EPTO peer trainers in the last 3 years or in the last 4-15 years, or young peer trainers working on projects in their local areas.

The extended deadline for applications is Tuesday, September 15th, 2015. To apply, fill out the online form here.

For further questions about the event of EPTO, contact: