On the 10th of October, Georgian Association of History Educators (GAHE) in close cooperation with EuroClio, Inspiring History and Citizenship Educators organized a workshop on New Approaches in History Teaching and Cultural Education in Georgia in the Classical Gymnasium of Tbilisi. Ian Phillips from Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom has been invited to this workshop as the international trainer. The workshop has been attended by 40 participants. The opening remarks in the training were made by Oliver Reisner from EC Delegation to Georgia, Nana Tsikhistavi, President, Georgian Association of History Educators and Steven Stegers, Project Manager. Participants have been widely introduced to the project by Steven Stegers as well as by the country coordinators in Georgia. Followed with the introduction of the project, Ian Phillips gave his workshop on critical thinking, skills and history. As a result of this workshop participant group have been trained in critical thinking skills, were deeply informed about parameters for developing 6 educational modules in Georgia (themes, structure, methodology – focused on developing skills, critical thinking, ability to Inquire/research, promoting positive values and attitude; students age- 14-16 year olds; period: End of 19th Century – Present).
For more information about this project contact Aysel Gojayeva (Project Coordinator).