[PARTNER] Media and History

From cinema to the web. Studying, representing and teaching European history in the digital era.

Students in Europe are exposed to history in various ways: They talking with family and friends, by watching TV and movies, by listening to music, by playing games, by following public debates. All these factors influence the way students look at history. Without critical attitudes and understanding of how history is being made, students simply echo these ideas. The fact that more and more of this expose to young Europeans - being digital natives - is happening through means, is not reflected in the way history is generally being thought.

In the “Media and History” project specialists in history and media education from Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands and United Kingdom work together to encourage history educators to use multimedia resources to help students become more media literate. Students will use digital tools to make their own presentations of the past, better realise that historical (re)presentations are not exact copies of the past, and improve their research skills (in making judgments about the reliability of information they find online).

More information is available on the website of the project and on the Facebook page of the project.

Cover image from: "Tanti passati per un futuro comune? La storia in televisione nei paesi dell'Unione europea" by Luisa Cigognetti, Lorenza Servetti, Pierre Sorlin Marsilio, 2011.

Project Aims

The “Media and History” project’s main objective is to enrich and innovate history education (mainly at secondary school level) by transmitting new didactical methodologies that are based on the use of the web and ICTs for teachers, teachers’ trainers, researchers and students of history and media.

The project specifically aims to:

Interest a younger generation
Demonstrate how history


Expected Outcomes

The project will result in: 

An observatory

A digital learning environment
An online support center

A training package on media literacy

Multimedia tools



Steering Committee: Erin Bell, Luisa Cigognetti, Florian Gleisner, Ursula Jarecka, Eva Klemencic, Agnese Portincasa, Rachael Sharpe, László Strausz, Iwona Trochimczyk-Sawczuk, Steven Stegers and Balázs Varga.

Technical Committee: Nadia Baiesi, Erin Bell, Mitja Čepič Vogrinčič, Florian Gleisner, Ursula Jarecka, Pierre Sorlin, László Strausz, Iwona Trochimczyk-Sawczuk, Steven Stegers and Balázs Varga.


Coordinating Partner

Istituto per la Storia e le Memorie del '900 Parri
Luisa Cigognetti, Istituto per la Storia e le Memorie del '900 Parri


Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR)

University of Lincoln

Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk

Pedagoški inštitut

Kosztolanyi Dezso Kavehaz Kulturalis Alapitvany

ERVET - Emilia-Romagna Valorizzazione Economica Territorio

Project manager

Steven Stegers
Programme Director, EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators