Professional Development

We organise professional development courses on national, regional and international levels for and with our member organizations. Our courses are based on cross-border capacity building, peer learning and on-site engagement, and bring together history, heritage and citizenship educators from all over Europe.

Get Erasmus+ and Join EUROCLIO Professional Development Courses in 2017-2018

Deadline for Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (mobility of individuals) grant is 2 February 2017
Erasmus+ is available for all history, citizenship and heritage educators, but schools have to submit their application to their National Agencies. Individual teachers can not apply. Take the following steps to make it happen!

  1. Contact your national agencies for the application details and obtain the application form and instructions on the Erasmus+ program KA1: Mobility Project through School Education Staff.
  2. Talk to your school principal and discuss the procedure of application. Your school will be applying as an organisation and will need to have a “European Development Plan” that includes the EUROCLIO courses.
  3. Prepare the application form.
  4. Include the EUROCLIO trainings in your catalogue (see below).
  5. Submit the application before 2 February 2017.
  6. Follow up with the national agency on your application process.
  7. Once you get the grant, apply to attend EUROCLIO upcoming courses in 2018.

Upcoming EUROCLIO Trainings