Historiana: Building Transnational Source Collections

Historiana Editor-in-Chief, Bob Stradling, recently gave a presentation at our Annual Conference in Poland in which he presented an overview of the development of the Historiana website and ongoing efforts to create more transnational source collections for use by history educators. He began with a retrospective look at the stages […]

Learning Activities and Collection of Practices now available for Strategies for Inclusion

The 31 of August, the project Strategies for Inclusion – Making High Quality History Education more Inclusive and Accessible was successfully completed. During the three-year period of implementation, EUROCLIO, along with its other partners in the project (AEMoV, CIVITAS-Armenia, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, NTNU, ZGNL) worked intensively to produce a variety […]

How strategies of differentiation can help creating an inclusive environment for student development (Kariman Mango, the Ahliyyah School for Girls, Jordan)

This practice consists of multi-layered strategies of differentiation which touches upon several aspects of teaching. Tailoring the teaching strategies to the learning of students in a way that accommodates the various learning difficulties present in a given classroom as well as tailoring the assessment strategies to the different ways of learning can […]

Council of Europe Works to Deepen a Common Understanding of High Quality History Education for 21st Century

What constitutes educational innovation? EUROCLIO is party to a great number of discussions on this question. In some cases the discussion is positioned around an issue like media literacy, while at other times it concerns inclusion. Through projects like IHEA and Strategies for Inclusion EUROCLIO seeks to further the dimensions of history […]

Historein’s new issue is now online and available in open access

Historein is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access electronic journal published biannually by the Cultural and Intellectual History Society (Athens). It is both historical and interdisciplinary in its perspective. Historein strongly supports approaches that tend to erase the distance between theory and research by making self-reflection a vital element of historical scholarship at […]

“Sharing History” Project Editors Convene in Ohrid

Between 29 March-5 April, the editors team of Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues (SHCD) project met in Ohrid (Republic of Macedonia) to share relevant information (including what is promised in the project proposal, research done within the project, and practices from other EUROCLIO programmes) that helps with the editing process. At least […]

2nd Steering Committee Meeting With New Inputs for “Sharing History” Project

On 7 December, 5 Members of the Steering Committee of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ project  gathered together in Istanbul and broadly discussed project achievements and challenges since the 1st year of the project, and share their expertise on how to further develop the content, network, and support possibilities. The meeting […]

1st Regional Seminar of “Sharing History” Project in Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine on 4-7 October 2012 EUROCLIO Coordinators are planning the 1st Regional Seminar of ‘Sharing History, Cultural Dialogues’ Project. This seminar aims at reaching an agreement on the parameters for the common publication based on input from the round-table discussions, trainings and reflections during the seminar, building on experience from key people […]