“Building the future of learning”, the LLLPlatform’s New Manifesto

The LLLWeek2015 was the opportunity for the LLLPlatform (formerly known as EUCIS-LLL) to launch its new Manifesto on Building the future of learning in Europe. “A humanistic and holistic approach of learning, from cradle to grave, is of continued relevance in today’s world and a viable foundation for the rethinking of education […]

EUROCLIO Extending Partnerships in Brussels

On the 22nd of September, EUROCLIO was present in Brussels to discuss new possibilities of cooperation with several organizations in civil society. Productive talks were had with eTwinning, as well as with EEA Grants/Norway Grants. These talks were productive and fostered possible future cooperation. Furthermore, EUROCLIO was present at the […]

Guidebook to Education and Training in the EU published by Lifelong Learning Platform

European integration appears sometimes technocratic, in the hands of distant institutions, which are asked to manage macroeconomic policies which benefits are not always immediately clear to the general public. Lifelong Learning Platform‘s Guidebook to Education and Training hopes to be a concrete tool to empower educators and learners over Europe […]

Inclusion and Citizenship at the Forefront of New EU priorities in Education

EU action and Member States’ cooperation in the field of education and training is framed in a work programme – the Education and Training 2020 Strategic Framework (ET2020), which contains four strategic objectives and seven benchmarks. Following a mid-term evaluation, the Draft 2015 Joint Report of the ET2020 proposes new […]

New and Practical Guidebook to EU Decision-Making in Education and Training

The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning has released its ‘Guidebook to EU Decision-Making in Education and Training’ for July 2015. The platform works towards promoting a vision of equity, social cohesion, and active citizenship in lifelong learning. The guide serves as a tool for better understanding the complexity […]