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Panhellenic Association of Philologists (P.E.F)

Πανελλήνια Ένωση Φιλολόγων

The Panhellenic Association of Philologists (P.E.F.) is a scientific association founded in 1982, based in Athens represents 49 Teacher Associations in various prefectures of Greece.

Main aims

  • Contribute to the improvement of Greek education;
  • Promotion of literary science and research;
  • The treatment and promotion of literary and general educational issues.

Important activities that serve the purpose of P.E.F. are:

  • Organizing seminars, conferences and educational seminars and educational issues;
  • Cooperation with educational institutions and associations with similar objectives;
  • Conducting student literary competitions in Greece and Europe;
  • Edition of the magazine, literary, and special tributes Seminars with papers of the annual conference.

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