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Association Footura

Сдружение Фуутура

Association for Development of Sport and Sports Culture Footura is a
non-profit organization aiming to stimulate the active participation of
young people and vulnerable groups in social life and to build a
sustainable and effective civil society in Bulgaria through informal
methods focusing on sport, healthy and active lifestyle.

Association Footura aims at promoting a society dominated by values such as morality,
purposefulness, ethics, honor, competition on equal terms. These values
are at the heart of most sports and sports games, and they are the
perfect means of informal education for children and adolescents and for
their preparation for the great life game, as well as excellent
opportunities for social inclusion and prevention against anti-social
and non-health practices of people from different social groups and
above all at risk of social exclusion.

The goal of Association Footura is to help young people to realize their
sporting, educational and life (personal) potential. They work for better
opportunities for every member of the society, people and communities in
need – through different causes, projects, activities and initiatives.

Its main activities are:

  • “Sport with Cause – Charity Sports”
  • “Sporting is fashionable”
  • “Sport as an alternative”
  • “The role model”
  • “Sport builds”
  • “Science and Sport”
  • “Social Sport, Integration”