With the aim of providing students and teachers a more nuanced view of life in the communist regimes, Socialism Realised is a collection of multimedia sources that approach different eras through multiple perspectives in the time period 1948-1989. The learning platform has been made by EuroClio associated member at the Department of Education at the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Prague, and serves as an excellent introduction to the history of the Eastern bloc.

Ranging from feature films, personal documents to radio broadcasts, the website learning environment aligns itself with the principles following a constructivist pedagogy. This means of uncovering the various aspects of the chosen material allows the user to gradually gain knowledge, and to make up their own mind with regards to the issues presented. An outcome of this, is a multi-dimensional understanding of the various situations.

Authors Karina Hoření, Čeněk Pýcha, Vojtěch Ripka, Ilana Seelinger have ensured the material was subject of several rounds of feedback: as the material was piloted both in Prague and elsewhere. The end result as a finished product that to a large extent is an outcome of multiple rounds of feedback from both students and teachers.

If you want to read more information about the site, you can listen to an interview done by Radio Prague with author Ilana Seelinger. Moreover, you can access the learning environment by clicking this link.